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MyZone MZ3 Tracker Review

Price tag: $129.99 available at Amazon I first heard about the MyZone Tracker (MZ3) from Joe Rogan’s podcast. In October Rogan and pals embarked on a month long fitness competition, […]


How To Take a Photo With Conor McGregor

Instragram: @blastyd What’s up fight fans? So you probably heard that Conor McGregor has landed in trouble with the law yet again. This time it was for smashing a fan’s […]

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Icy Hot for Your Mind

You’re about to learn a simple, but valuable technique to use when you’re in mental distress. Before we dive into the actual technique  it’s important to understand that it does […]

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The Most Important Muscle Group You NEVER Train

            Next time you watch the UFC listen closely to the announcer. You’ll hear things like, “He has excellent footwork, he’s so light on his feet!” And in those long, […]

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Is Your Chiropractor on Crack?

The chiropractic world is a confusing place. Watch this video to learn the do’s and don’ts of finding a good chiropractor.

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WTF is a Subluxation?

If you’ve been to a chiropractor you’ve probably heard them talk about the dreaded subluxations. But what they’re talking about and what the rest of the medical world means when […]


WTF is a Lockdown?

There is a special type of jiu jitsu guard where just powering out is not an option. Watch this video to understand the special kind of predicament Daniel Cormier was […]